Work Desk
  • You're overwhelmed with your to-do lists.
  • You want everything to be perfect. 
  • You hear your inner voice (critic) shaming and blaming you for not doing something correctly. 
  • Your overthinking all the ways something played out. 
  • You're unable to relax, sleep or slow down
  • You constantly worrying that personally and professionally you're never doing enough.
  • You go until you crash.
  • Your anxiety drives you or paralyze you.

There is a strong tie between Perfectionism and High Functioning Anxiety and there is a big difference between "running through this life" and "being in this life." 

Certain jobs, especially within the helping profession, can continue to exacerbate these symptoms as well as cause problems with boundaries, self-care, and feeling valued within our job or life. 

Your job has required that you maintain unattainable expectations, unrealistic goals, and can put you into high drive while attempting to balance everything

This kind of pressure requires that you learn the best version of yourself and relearn new ways of managing the pressure, anxiety and the work load. 

Organized Desk


Nichole Coyne

Coach and Consultant

who helps Helping Professionals


Perfectionism &

High Functioning Anxiety


To get your life back, the way you want it. 

There are two things you cannot get back in this life:

your time and your energy.

My coaching style aims to optimize your skills and show you new ways to process and make decisions within your life that prioritizes YOU and YOUR needs. 


With my knowledge and experience as a Therapist, my support as a Coach, AND my own real-life experience as a Recovering Perfectionist, I provide a supportive and customized approach with a reliable process that you can use within multiple areas of your life. 


These tools are unique because this is not therapy and the approach I use to coach is direct and modern to meet the constant changes you’re held up against.


I remove the fluff to provide quality coaching so that you stop moving the finish line and learn to lean into the benefits of your life and decisions, the way YOU want to. 

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