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Personalized Cognitive Coaching 
For High Achieving Professionals 

Stop running through life and start living today

Perfectionism overdrives you into believing that everything must be perfect.
Even when there is no such thing.

Meet Nichole

I coach high achieving professionals to overcome the negative effects of perfectionism. Within coaching with me we work to maximize your productivity and reduce feelings of shame or guilt. I coach you on how to become more mindful and present within your life.


I help to make more sense of how you're working
and living so you can reduce frustration, burnout and Imposter Syndrome in an uncontrollable world.

As both a clinical therapist and a coach I teach you how to calm your inner critic and balance your time and energy. 

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"Nichole is just such a fantastic coach who truly understands all the ins and outs of living with perfectionism. I don't think I've ever met anyone who gets it as much as she does. Nichole was highly empathetic and offered practical support to help me move forward with areas I was stuck on. She was flexible and tailored content for the group's needs, and took the time to make sure that the experience was useful and beneficial for us. I highly recommend working with Nichole if you are ready to kick perfectionism to the curb, because her approach truly works."


1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching allows for 1:1 experience to specifically work on your needs and maximize individual support.

Group Coaching

Perfectionist Reset is held twice a year with a select group of individuals. Click to learn more or complete a Strategy Call to sign up.

Perfectionist Reset 2.0

Self-driven course for busy, high achieving perfectionists. 

Coaching Overview

High Achievers and Perfectionists often struggle with:

  1. Caring about everything everyone is feeling and experiencing.

  2. Attempting to over-achieve and exceed expectations.

  3. Struggling with unmet expectations of others (or yourself).

  4. Attempting to take care of themselves professionally and personally.


Burnout and Imposter Syndrome can often be a result of trying to maintain these expectations.
There is a lot of prevention buzz and it is often spoken about, but High Achievers and Perfectionists often struggle with saying that they are having a hard time and asking for help. Or feeling like they're not going to get the support they need.


They also maintain their own expectations personally that is driven by an inner narrative (Inner Critic) that usually maintains negative criticism or past experiences to prevent you from failure or to critically drive you.


Who is this for?

  • Perfectionist or High Achievers

  • Those who feel overwhelmed with their to-do lists or feel like their list is never ending

  • Individuals struggling with procrastination and getting overwhelmed when feeling like nothing is working

  • Criticizing yourself intensely when making a mistake


  • Overthinking all of the ways something played out


  • Not having enough time for yourself, family or friends

  • Unable to sleep, relax or slow down or falling into
    complete exhaustion

  • Feeling pushed by fear to complete things

  • Anxiety is driving you or paralyzing you


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“I highly recommend Nichole as your coach! I came to Nichole for perfectionism coaching. As a recovering perfectionist myself and a trauma therapist, I wasn’t sure how I could therapeutically help my clients with perfectionism. Nichole met me where I was and gave me support. She provided exceptional value in her ability to provide insight, offer concrete tools, and plans of action. She is trustworthy, real, and always encouraging. I feel more confident helping my clients with perfectionism because of Nichole." 

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This is 1 hour for you to discuss your stuck points and receive some real support and direct coaching. 

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