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Perfectionist Reset 2.0

Self-Driven Course

This course has
what you need.

Time is one of the most significant struggles for perfectionists. 

You never have enough and you're constantly wanting more. It is often difficult for perfectionists to even create time for themselves. Perfectionists and high achievers struggle with self-compassion and creating space for their own needs. 

Working with a coach or with other individuals may also seem quite intimidating. You probably don't talk about your perfectionism a whole lot, even though others around you may see it or say things like: "I wish I could do as much as you" or "I can't believe how much you get done." 

What they don't see is the burnout, exhaustion, high functioning anxiety, the imposter syndrome and the fear of failure. 

I know that it can be a lot to add another thing to your life. This course aims to help you balance and regain control within your self-care, managing the Inner Critic, your self confidence and to improve the way you are showing up in your life.

Perfectionists Reset 2.0 is a self-driven course designed to help you regain your time. This course allows you to choose your time that includes structure and accountability. You get to be in the drivers seat for deciding how you engage, utilize and restructure your energy and productivity. 

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Course Focus

  • Solution-based skills and techniques to reduce the negative effects of perfectionism

  • Techniques for cognitively (mentally) shifting and breaking imposter syndrome

  • Strategies for lowering the volume and managing the Inner Critic

  • Tools for productivity & time management

  • Solution focused skills to increase self-compassion and improve your personal and professional life

What's Included

  • Weekly Asynchronous pre-recorded material (6 Modules that can be completed at your own speed)

  • Worksheets and Resources

  • One Individual Coaching Session with Nichole after you complete the course ($200 value)

  • Access for 1 year

No ice breakers,
no fluff,
just straight up

beneficial content

meant to support you.

Total cost: $497

  • 6 Modules of content (each running 45 - 60 minutes in length)

  • Worksheets + Resources (fillable & printable)

  • Individual Coaching Session with Nichole after completion of the course for 60 minutes ($200 value)

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