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Meet your coach

Recovering perfectionist, traveler, mountain lover, dog mom,
Therapist and Enneagram type one 

My mission is to coach you to break unrealistic expectations and learn how improve your self compassion.

I coach high achievers and perfectionists to reduce Burnout, Imposter Syndrome, stress, anxiety and change the unrealistic expectations of needing to be perfect or constantly doing.

As well as being a coach, I am also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

If you are interested in learning more about my therapy practice with me click here.

Throughout my career and personal life, I have spent a significant amount
of time learning new ways to practice efficiency, reduce unhealthy aspects of  Perfectionism and set manageable and realistic expectations within demanding professions and personal life.

I knew that there had to be a better way.

What I learned is that, I was/am not alone. We are all looking to be the most
productive and efficient that we can be without wasting time.

But as Perfectionists there is a struggle with getting stuck, feeling overwhelmed or procrastinating so much we forgot where we started. Throw in some anxiety on top of that and it makes for a pretty frustrating afternoon.

Perfectionists pardon everyone's mistakes but their own

My 'why'

My why is easy. I have had my career split between
working in the medical field or within private practice. 

After a heavy year of multiple losses and also working
in the field of death and dying, I realized that there was not enough room for both my grief and my perfectionism to exist together. 

I felt a significant pressure to grieve perfectly. But my grief had other ideas. 

I needed something more than therapy to help me. I found that. And now I want to help you.

Nichole & Madison-65.jpg

Nichole has helped me greatly in decreasing my experienced perfectionism and high functioning anxiety as I have transitioned into a new career role. Nichole really cares, is always willing to listen to fully understand, and she has a great sense of humor which is an added bonus. She provides direct feedback and advice that is truly helpful to make necessary changes to better manage faced challenges. I am a better version of myself because of Nichole’s guidance and highly recommend her services and involvement!

What does coaching look like?

My coaching style aims to optimize your skills, improve your self-compassion, increase your productivity and prioritize you and your needs. 

Through my experience as a Therapist, Coach, and my own journey as a Recovering Perfectionist, I provide a supportive and customized approach with a reliable process that you can utilize throughout multiple areas of your life. 

These tools are unique because this is not therapy and the approaches I use to coach are both direct and modern to
meet the constant changes that you're held up against. 

My coaching allows you to stop moving the finish line and lean into the change to experience more joy, acceptance and growth within your life personally and professionally.

Coaching with me will provide you with intentional, focused
and evidence-based "get to the point" skills that will: 
  • Increase your productivity (at work and at home)

  • Self-compassion

  • Reduce the anxiety

  • Get you feeling better about your schedule and the work that you do

  • Improve your perspective on how you see yourself

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