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Coaching with Nichole

I help you shift from 'plate-full' to a 'plate manageable' and reduce negative Perfectionists behaviors and anxious physical and mental effect

My coaching allows you to stop moving the finish line and lean into the changes to experience more within your life personally and professionally.

I teach Perfectionists and High Achievers:

  • How to be mindful and get real rest.

  • How to overcome anxiety that perpetuates the cycle of needing to do all the time.

  • Find new ways to work, to produce, to connect and to be present in this life rather than constantly running through it.

  • To practice real self compassion and improve interpersonal self confidence. 

  • To lose the inner critic. 

  • To manage expectations in a way that makes sense to you and your well being. 

  • To increase your self confidence and the way in which you see yourself.

Society has created a standard that is unrealistic towards meeting our goals personally and professionally. It is hard enough to take care of ourselves, attempt to be perfect professionally and show up within our families and home lives.

My coaching style aims to optimize your skills, improve your self-compassion, increase your productivity and prioritize you and your needs.

Through my program we work to shift the perspective and to overcome some of the struggles of the ways you work and live to be more aligned with your goals.


Together, we will create space in your life for you to feel more engaged and stronger with completing tasks while also learning to live off a productive schedule that makes sense.


How do I know if you would be a good fit?

You constantly feel like you have no time or that your schedule is too full (overcommitting a lot)

You may be feeling isolated

You often spend a lot of time questioning something that happened and replaying it over and over again

You're lacking focus or doing too many things at the same time

You overwork yourself

You're working extra until it is exact

You lack self-love

You're constantly searching for the "right way"

You're feeling burnt out and find it difficult to relax

You struggle with Imposter Syndrome

Giving everything you have to others with nothing left for yourself


Learn more about Nichole's new
group coaching program

"I have been called a perfectionist for most of my adult life. It always seemed to be a compliment until I realized how
it could also slow me down and affect my work life balance. 
Thanks to Nichole, I have been able to improve my efficiency and increase confidence level which in turn has made a tremendous difference in my anxiety level and productivity. Nichole has helped me realize I don’t have to recheck my work 3 plus times.


I have learned how to quiet down my inner critic to trust myself and my abilities. I highly recommend her services
to my friends and colleagues."

By the end of our time together you'll be able to...

Shift the inner narrative in your mind to help you reconstruct your beliefs from criticism to compassion.

Lean into the feelings and changes with support.

Feel less stressed and pressured to do all the things.

Enhance your confidence and self esteem.

Improve your internal confidence and overall functioning in all
areas of your life.

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There are two things you cannot get back
in this life: your time and your energy

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