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Perfectionists Reset Group

Group Coaching

I love working with like-minded individuals and being able to be vulnerable with others who just get it.

Which is where this program stems from. I'm putting together 8 individuals who identify as Perfectionists and are business owners, high achievers or professionals to learn how to increase self compassion and break negative aspects of perfectionism.

This group is designed to be both individual support and group collaboration to help Perfectionists learn new habits, reduce stress, imposter syndrome, burnout and high functioning anxiety. We are going to work on reducing your need to base your confidence on achievements and performance and teach you how to experience real self compassion. 

Energy flows where your focus goes.



  • A stronger awareness and more realistic view of your Perfectionism. 

  • Strength based tools and skills to increase your confidence and improve self compassion individually and with others.

  • Tools to increase productivity and feel more vulnerable with others. 

  • Increase mindfulness and awareness.

  • Increase self compassion and reduction in burnout. 

  • Reduce volume on the Inner Critic (internal narrative that increases criticism and lowers self esteem). 

  • Improved management of internal and external expectations.

  • Increased ability to set healthy boundaries (internally - with yourself and externally with others).

What's included:

  • Six weeks of self driven material (pre-recorded).  

  • Six consecutive weeks of group sessions (90 minutes). 

  • Community of like-minded individuals who are working towards same or similar goals. 

  • Specialized weekly material for breaking negative effects of Perfectionism. 

  • Inclusion within Member Vault platform for material and resources. 

  • Google Hangout forum for questions throughout the week, chatting and communication. 


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