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Perfectionist Reset

Group Coaching

Group Coaching that connects you to your people

Perfectionists struggle with connection, vulnerability and feeling understood. They often isolate and solely focus on what they can control. Perfectionists are often very concerned about their time by either not having enough or losing it.

These are some of the main reasons why Perfectionist Reset Group Coaching was created.

I carefully choose a small group of individuals who identify as Perfectionists, business owners, high achievers or professionals to learn how to increase self compassion and break negative aspects of perfectionism.

Within this container, you will go through asynchronous work on your own, engage in journaling exercises (that Nichole engages with), utilize techniques in your day to day life and come to group sessions to share stuck points, discuss areas further and connect with like-minded individuals. 

This group is designed to be both individual support and group collaboration to help Perfectionists learn new habits, reduce stress, imposter syndrome, burnout and high functioning anxiety. We are going to work on reducing your need to base your confidence on achievements and performance and teach you how to experience real self-compassion. 

"I would definitely recommend the Perfectionist Reset Group to anyone who has struggled with perfectionism and are ready to learn how to identify perfectionism thinking, get a handle on their inner critic, learn to be self-compassionate, while also staying productive and striving toward achieving things that are important to you. Perfectionism can also be a lonely experience as other people may not understand how harmful it can be, particularly as it may be perceived by others as beneficial for producing high quality work, or being super organised and having it 'all together'. The group coaching experience is so valuable as an opportunity to connect with others who 'get it' and share in the recovery experience."

Former Perfectionist Reset Group Coaching Member


  • A stronger awareness and more realistic view of your Perfectionism. 

  • Strength based tools and skills to increase your confidence and improve self compassion individually and with others.

  • Tools to increase productivity and feel more vulnerable with others. 

  • Increase mindfulness and awareness.

  • Increase self compassion and reduction in burnout. 

  • Reduce volume on the Inner Critic (internal narrative that increases criticism and lowers self esteem). 

  • Improved management of internal and external expectations.

  • Increased ability to set healthy boundaries (internally - with yourself and externally with others).


What's included

  • Six weeks of self driven material (pre-recorded).  

  • Six consecutive weeks of group sessions (60-90 minutes dependent on group size). 

  • Community of like-minded individuals who are working towards same or similar goals. 

  • Specialized weekly material for breaking negative effects of Perfectionism. 

  • Inclusion within Teachable platform for material and resources. ​

  • Shared Google journal for continuing your processing and getting direct feedback from Nichole.​

  • One private individual session with Nichole.

"I was most pleasantly surprised by the format, I think. it was so incredibly useful to get an hour of content each week, then time to digest and journal, then journal responses from Nichole and then an hour of time with her each week! It was just so much more than I anticipated (in a great way), and allowed me to feel like I was getting valuable insights and improving every single day of the class, which is absolutely amazing. I feel like I did 6 years' worth of growth over these few short weeks!"


Total cost: $2500

  • Unlimited support with Nichole through the use of interactive journaling ($1200 value)

  • 6 weeks of asynchronous material + worksheets and resources ($500 value)

  • 6 group coaching sessions ($1200 value)

  • One individual coaching session ($200 value)

White Grass

"There are just so many great take aways! I'm not sure where to begin, but the transformation has been positive without a doubt. I feel that the group really solidified what I was already working on in my life, in a very pragmatic and realistic way. I found that the experience gave me permission to enjoy the balanced life I want and relinquish guilt, self-criticism, or worries about what others might think or say. Even practical tips like the 3 and 5 rule helped greatly. I use it almost every day and it has given me so much space to be productive, take care of myself and just enjoy life. I feel much more confident to move forward with my career and make some life decisions without worrying about it being the 'right' or 'perfect' thing to do - just get started and keep moving forward."

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