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Individual Coaching

1:1 Coaching designed with your needs in mind

It's time for you to do something for you.

I designed this program for professionals who are looking for ways to self improve, but don't exactly need therapy. Professionals who need more action and solution based support and guidance to help them with shifting their mindset and breaking negative habits and take better care of themselves.

I built this program for high achievers, perfectionists and business owners to learn how to create their own kind of balance. To live in their life. To learn how to work to live instead of live to work.

Coaching with me provides high accountability and creates a space where we regularly learn how to mentally shift you to reduce burnout and make significant positive changes to flip the script on the need to constantly be in overdrive

The material is personally constructed by me. It is a combination of things I have used to help others and myself as well as evidence based tools to help you improve your overall wellness and mental health. This also includes learning and breaking negative effects of Perfectionism that often perpetuate our beliefs to do more, work harder and affect our mental health.

"I have fully enjoyed every part of my work with Nichole as a coach, consultant and friend. Whether in times of general proactive conversation or unique moments of timely attention, Nichole’s thoughtfully articulated frameworks and helpful ‘pro tips’ have become woven into my own daily perspective.  Before working with Nichole, I did not fully appreciate the value of skilled facilitation as a guide to my personal growth. I welcome every session and leave each with expanded expectations of how I can be a better version of myself."


  • Learn how to give yourself real self compassion.

  • Reduce stress.

  • Reduce anxiety.

  • Improved communication with self and others.

  • Lowering criticism with the Inner Critic.

  • Improving time management.

  • Reducing guilt for relaxing or taking time for yourself. 

  • Improved self awareness.

  • Improved boundaries (with yourself and others).

  • Mindful and physical techniques for coping and reducing anxiety.

  • Learning new ways to communicate your needs and improve communication within your life.

  • Improved confidence and overall self image.

What's included

  • Free 1 hour consultation with Nichole

  • 16 weeks of 1:1 with me​

  • Unlimited use of Voxer communication

  • Individualized Assessments and Tools to learn where Perfectionism and High Functioning Anxiety are showing up within your life

  • Evidence-based Tools to reduce the volume on the Inner Critic, manage and reduce Perfectionism expectations, and High Functioning Anxiety


  • Tools and resources to implement for your life to increase productivity and time management

  • Proven techniques to manage negative thinking and negative self-talk. ​​

  • Techniques for scheduling, planning, and organizing without the overbearing feeling of unhealthy Perfectionism

  • ​Resources for increasing productivity while also feeling balance within your life

  • Skills and ways to learn how to relax and create more alliance within your life

  • Improved self image, confidence, communication, enhanced relationship and physical wellness

Pricing, because that's what you're looking for.

Total cost: $6000 

  • Unlimited support with Nichole (through the use of Voxer) for 16 weeks

  • Biweekly zoom calls to review progress, obtain private coaching

  • Access to courses Nichole has built as well as all resources + worksheets

"There are just so many great take aways! I'm not sure where to begin, but the transformation has been positive without a doubt. I feel that the group really solidified what I was already working on in my life, in a very pragmatic and realistic way. I found that the experience gave me permission to enjoy the balanced life I want and relinquish guilt, self-criticism, or worries about what others might think or say. Even practical tips like the 3 and 5 rule helped greatly. I use it almost every day and it has given me so much space to be productive, take care of myself and just enjoy life. I feel much more confident to move forward with my career and make some life decisions without worrying about it being the 'right' or 'perfect' thing to do - just get started and keep moving forward."

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